About Us

The early 1950’s witnessed the growth of a multi product company in the horizon of Indian industries, which pioneered in every technology it touched. Starting from a major foundry in early days and specializing in Malleable Casting and Grey Iron Casting, Sur Iron diversified and was the first company in India to offer Crushing/Screening Equipment and Welding Equipment, some of which are patented.

Today, SUR IRON & STEEL CO. (P) LTD. is one of the leading manufacturers of Crushing, Screening, Handling equipments and Welding equipments in India. These equipments marketed under the brand names ‘SISCO’ & ‘SURARC’, have a long-standing goodwill in the Indian market because of its Quality and Reliability. SUR IRON was established in the year 1951 and is a DGTD large-scale unit, permanently registered with DGS&D from the year 1955. SUR IRON is registered with the Indian Defence as a supplier of import substitutions and with almost all the prestigious organizations of India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh etc.

For ‘SISCO’ Crushing and Screening equipment, SUR IRON had a technical tie up with PEGSONS LTD. (U.K.). These equipments are marketed under the renowned brand name ‘SISCO’ and are extensively used by most of the public sector and private sector, especially Indian Defence organizations like Director General Border Roads, Director General Surplus and Disposal and different Public Works Divisions. ‘SISCO’ Portable plants are extensively used by the Indian Defence (Border Roads) at the highest mountain roads and also have been rigorously tried and tested very satisfactorily by the Directorate of Engineering under Ministry of Defence, (Research and Development Engineer) for quality assurance. These Portable Units have been certified for stability and easy maneuverability. With the requirement of quality aggregates, SISCO have introduced new models of Crushers and Systems, which are being used by many prestigious projects in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh etc. under the strict quality control of Asian Development Bank and World Bank Consultants. It is a pride for all Quality conscious customers of India to own ‘SISCO’ equipment.

To contribute to the recent construction trend in the Indian and subcontinent market we are pleased to augment our product range with Gyratory Crusher and Vertical Shaft Impactor which will enable us to serve you with excellent shaped products required for Highway construction with capacity ranging from 50 TPH to 300 TPH

At present we are offering 100 TPH to 300 TPH Stationary and Mobile Crushing and Screening plant consisting of Jaw Crushers, Gyratory Crushers and Vertical Shaft Impactor confirming to the exact specification of M.O.S.T. for aggregate quality and product distribution.

SUR IRON is the first Indian industry to design and manufacture welding equipment. These welding equipment are manufactured under the renowned brand names ‘SURARC’ and ‘INDARC’ of M/s. IOL Limited (B.O.C. Group of U.K.) and now as ESAB Brand. They have proved themselves as one of India’s finest welding equipment in many sites, all over India and abroad. SUR IRON has recently entered into a collaboration with Osaka Denki Co. Ltd., (DAIDEN) , one of the leading manufacturers of welding equipment in Japan.

SURARC welding machines are extensively used by different Shipyards, Steel plants, Railways, Fabrication shop, Engineering Industries etc. At present, SURARCDiesel Welding Plants are working satisfactorily in India, Nepal, Bhutan and also in the Gulf countries. SUR IRON has entered into collaboration with MOSA of Italy for manufacturing Welding Generators.

SUR IRON are also supplying the sophisticated D.C. Generator used by Indian Defence for its armoured fighting vehicles.

SUR IRONS very well established R & D has always contributed to India’s constant up gradation of quality, standards and many kinds of import substitutions in the field of Welding Equipment and other electrical equipments.