Column Boom

Salient Features

  • Column: made out of fabricated steel structure having precision machined guide ways. The apron slides on the guide ways (on anti friction bearings). The vertical drive to the apron is provided by fixed speed AC motor/Gear box, brake (located at the top transmission platform) through chain sprocket drive. There is a counter balancing weight attached to the chain on the other end which slides within the column.
  • Apron: Fabricated/machined structure which slides up / down on the column guide ways. Houses all the anti friction bearing rollers. The boom slides horizontally on the rollers mounted on the apron.
  • Boom: Fabricated steel structure having machined guide ways. The horizontal drive is provided by variable speed drive motor/gearbox & through rack-pinion.
  • Boom Trolley: Fabricated trolley with 4 wheels. This runs on 90lbs/yd rail. The drive to the trolley is provided by fixed speed/ variable speed (as required) motor / gear box. The column/ boom is mounted on the trolley. (Optional).
  • Swivel: An imported slewing ring bearing is fitted at the bottom of the column for 360 degree swivel. In case the swivel is not required, the bearing is not fitted. (Optional).

Other optional extra items

Motorized cross slide:Compound (X-Y) slide mounted on the boom tip. The welding head is mounted on the same.

  • Catwalk & operators platform: Catwalk is provided on the boom. Ensures operators safety. The operators chair facilitated easy operation.
  • Power source trolley: Small trolley connected to the motorized trolley of the boom.
  • the following items are not within the scope of supply:
    • Input cable/cable trolley etc
    • Rails for boom/roller bed


Duty Heavy Heavy Heavy Light Light Light
Size 6M (V)x 6M (H) 5M (V) x 5M (H) 4M (V) x 4M (H) 4M (V) x 4M (H) 3M(V) x 3M (H) 2M (V) x 2M (H)
Horizontal Stroke 6000mm 5000mm 4000mm 4000mm 3000mm 2000mm
Vertical Stroke 6000mm 5000mm 4000mm 4000mm 3000mm 2000mm
Maximum Height under boom 7520mm 6320mm 5320mm 4880mm 3880mm 2680mm
Minimum Height under boom 1520mm 1320mm 1320mm 880mm 880mm 680mm
Overall Height 9450mm 8250mm 7250mm 6850mm 5850mm 4500mm
Boom Extension from Column Centre (Max) (Min) 7150mm 1150mm 6050mm 1050mm 5050mm 1050mm 4750mm 750 mm 3750mm 750mm 2450mm 450mm
Boom Traverse Speed Range (AC Variable) 75-1400 mm/min 75-1400 mm/min 75-1400 mm/min 75-1400 mm/min 75-1400 mm/min 75-1400 mm/min
Boom Raise Lower Speed (Fixed Speed AC) 1000 mm/min 1000 mm/min 1000 mm/min 1000 mm/min 1000 mm/min 1000 mm/min
Fixed Base 2500x2500x340 mm 2300x2300x280 mm 2100x2100x280 mm 1800x1800x230 mm 1800x1800x230 mm 1400x1400x170 mm
Trolley Base Size 2600×2700 mm 2250×2500 mm 2200×2300 mm 1900×2000 mm 1900×2000 mm
Rail Centre Distance 2400 mm 2050 mm 2000 mm 1700 mm 1700 mm Not required
Trolley Variable Speed (AC Variable) 100-1400 mm/min 100-1400 mm/min 100-1400 mm/min 100-1400 mm/min 100-1400 mm/min Manual
Anti-fall safety look Provided Provided Provided Provided Provided Provided

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION (Dimensions may vary in the actual construction)

Motrised Cross slides one set 300 mm Stroke Included Included Included Included Included Manual 2-Axis cross Slides 150 mm stroke included
Catwalk + Operators Chair Included Included Included Not Required Not Required Not Required
Power Source Trolley Included Included Included Not Required Not Required Not Required


  • 1: It is normally not recommended to provided operator’s chair and catwalk on light duty Column & Booms for reasons of safety and quality.
  • 2: Motorized Rotation of Column can be provided at extra cost.
  • 3: Machines Rails and cables up to input of the control panel on the trolley may be arranged by the customer.

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