Dm 500

  • High Quality Welding in low current range
  • Spatter free with digital Electronic Reactor
  • Stable Welding Quality by penetration Adjustment Function
  • Perfect Arc Starts for reliable welding operators
  • Standard 4 roll feeder type with encoderUSER FRIENDLY DESIGN
  • Less Spatter Generation
  • Stable Arc Control within full range of current
  • Digital Electronic Reactor control which supports high quality welding
  • Substantially improved the instantaneous arc starts by digital turbo start function and digital antistick
  • Penetration Adjustment function, contributes to the stabilizationof the welding quality
  • 4 Roll feeder standard
  • Encoder feedback type with newly developed adjustable inertia Control
  • Adjustment of arc characteristics Provides various selection of arc control
  • Substantially small size and light weight
  • Touch panel control type for user friendly operation and layout
Rated Input voltage 400±15%
Phase 3Phase
Rated Input 29KVA(25kW)
Rated output current 500A
Rated load voltage 39V
Range of Output Current 30-500A
Range of Output Voltage 12-45
Maximum no load voltage 80%
Rated Duty Cycle 100%
Dimensions (WXDXH) 300x855x595


Standard Accessories
Remort Control Box 1(P10174K00)
Standard Cable 1.5 m cable attached to wire feeder
Extention Cable BKCPJ-1005(5m), BKCPJP-1010(10m) BKCPJ-1015(15m), BKCPJ-1020(20m)
Standard 3m Gas Hose is attached to Wire Feeder

BKGG-0605(5m), BKGG-0610(10m), BKGG-0615(15m), BKGG-06120(20m)

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