M 600

  • Fully Thyristorised (6 Thyristors) Hexaphase Power Control for ripple free output.
  • Radiographic quality weld
  • Instantaneous Arc Start
  • Fresh Tip treatment & Fresh Arc start facility
  • Arc voltage is automatically controlled with welding current in the ‘Auto’ mode
  • Programmable control for crater function and crater repeat.
  • Automatic burn black / pre / post flow (built in)
  • Very smooth, stable & spatter free arc.
  • Stepless control for voltage and current.
  • Standard Remote control provided. Optional Remote control also available.
  • Normal and self hold (2track/4track) modes.
  • Low inertia high torque servo motor for wire feeders.
  • 2/4 Roll quick change over type drive system.
  • Light weight torch : Minimum operator fatigue.
  • Minimum repair & maintenance required
  • Specially designed for all purpose use.
  • Rugged structural design/ construction.
  • Ideal for rough handling in factories and Project sites.
  • One knob synergic control provides appropriate ARC voltage for selecting welding current.
Rated Input Voltage (V) 3ph,415V ± 10%,50 Hz
Rated Primary Current (approx.) (A) 40
Rated Input Power (KVA) 29
Rated Welding Current at 60% Duty Cycle (Adc) 600
Rated Welding Current at 100% Duty Cycle (Adc) 470
Output Welding Current 50-600
Output Crater Current Range (Adc) 50-600
Output Welding Voltage Range (Vdc) 14-44
Output Crater Voltage Range (Vdc) 14-44
Insulation (Class) H
Type of Cooling Forced Air
Dimensions (LxBxH) (mm) 840x630x1022
Weight (Kgs). 200
Applicable Wire Size (mm) 0.8, *1.2, *1.6 flux cored
Wire feed Roll 2/4
In view of continuous development, SUR IRON & STEEL CO. PVT LTD. reserves the right to change/modify specifications and add or delete a product without prior notice.
*Standard supply.
() Denotes conditional use within the capacity of the power source