Quantum 600

Thyristorised D.C Welder Quantum is a combination of high quality performance, site worthy construction and sleek good looks. Apart from a D.C Manual welder, Quantum is an excellent machine for D.C TIG Welding with suitable accessories.

  • Ideal constant current power source for manual MMA/TIG Welding.
  • Stepless current control.
  • Excellent arc striking upto 100 meters cable length (Electrode cable+ Ground cable). Cable length drop compensated.
  • Smooth, Stable arc for consistent X-Ray quality welding.
  • Compact, lightweight power source for easy maneuverability incorporating latest international design and production technique.
  • Advanced quick response protective circuits.
  • Easy to repair and maintain.
  • Ideal for rough site conditions.
  • Excellent for pipe welding with cellulosic electrodes. (applicable for Quantum 400P)


MODEL Q – 600
Input Supply Voltage 415V, 50Hz, 3Ph
KVA @ 100% 33 KVA
Primary Current @ 100% 48A
Open Circuit Voltage 80V
Rated Current 600A
Rated Duty Cycle 60%
Max. Const. Hand Welding Current (60%) 600A
Max. Automatic Welding Current (100%) 450A
Current Range (A) 15-600
Rated Welding Voltage 20-44V
Insulation Class H
Type of cooling Forced Air
Weight (Approx) (kgs) 210
Dimensions(LxBxH)(mm) 835x665x960


  • True constant current output
  • Virtually no change in output current even when input voltage varies ± 10%, upto the rated output
  • All types of electrodes can be used including cellulosic type (E6010/7010/8010) pipe welding electrodes. (applicable for Quantum 400P)
  • Overload indication lamp with auto shut down circuit protection against overheat and single phasing
  • Remote Control socket
  • Conforms to IS : 4559
  • Can be operated from Captive Alternator Sets.

Optional Items

  • Remote control unit with or without hot start facility
  • P.F Capacitor
  • Isolator switch
  • TIG accessories
    • Gas cooled or water cooled TIG torch
    • High Frequency unit with gas preflow/postflow control & gas solenoid valve
    • Argon Gas regulator & flow meter
    • Interconnecting cables & hoses

In view of continuous development, Sur Iron reserves the right to modify / after the design and/or specification without any prior notice.