VR 400

Inverter Controlled High Performance DC Arc Welding Machine You can weld with Cellulose-coated electrodes at any positions
  • Superior Arc Stability
  • User Friendly Operation
  • Arc Drive Control
  • High Efficiency
Name Specification Amount Remarks
Fuse ZH217 (500 V 5A) 1PCS For control circuit protection (PCB 5)
Plug CX0525 2PCS For output connection
Description Part No.
Remote Control Box 3 meter K5741J00
VR400 Product features
  • IGBT Inverter Control, Easy Arc Strike

Equipped with advanced IGBT control module and circuit design, offer stable arc and easy arc strike.

  • Perfect constant current characteristics, welding very stable
Due to perfect constant current characteristics, welding current is always kept constant no matter conditions such as hand position change, input voltage change, surrounding temperature change or cable length change.
  • Wide range of application
Suitable for wide application such as oil and gas, pressure tank, construction, various factory work and repair work.
  • Automatic remote control box recognition. Plug in to use remote control box
Remote control box (optional accessory) for easy setting of welding condition.
  • Stackable two machines, by place the upper machine’s leg fitting to the lower machines’s handle
  • Features input over-voltage protection circuit, input low voltage protection circuit and input lack-phase protection circuit.
  • Dust-proof structures enable using under harsh environment
  • Electric Shock preventing device (Standard Device)

Protect operator from electric shock



Power Source voltage 380 V + 10% 415 V +10%
Number of Phase


Rated Frequency

50 / 60 Hz

Rated Input Power 18.8 kVA 16.4 kW 19.1 kVA 16.5 kW
Rated Output Current

400 A

Rated Load Voltage

36 V

Rated Output Current Range

10 – 400 A

Rated Output Voltage Range

20.4 – 36 V

Rated No-load Voltage 66.9 V 73.0 V
Rated Duty Cycle


Class of Insulation Main Transfer : Class C ; DC Reactor : Class 200º C
Usable Temperature Range

-10º C ~ +40º C

Protection Rating


External Dimension (W x D x H)

329 x 608 x 598 (mm)


56.2 kg

Input Cable and Grounding cable 8 mm² or more
Fuse / Breaker Capacity 40 A
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