XRDP 1200

High efficiency DC Power Source for manual-arc welding or gouging XRDP 1200/800 is a high performance rectifier designed for extra heavy duty welding & arc gouging. The unit is ruggedly built requiring very little maintenance and helps improving welding & gouging productivity.
  • Rugged, user friendly
  • Silicon diodes with stepless control
  • Remote control facility
  • Thermostatic protection
  • Conform to IS standard
Input XRDP-1200
Rated Input Voltage 415 V ± 10%
Phase/Frequency 50 Hz/3 Ph
KVA (60%) 75
Current Range 400-1200 Amps
Open Circuit Voltage 75V
Max. Continuous Welding 1200 A
Current at 60% duty cycle
Max. Automatic welding 1000 A
Current at 100% duty cycle
Class of Insulation H
Cooling type Fan Forced Air Cooled
Current Regulation Stepless
Degree of protection IP 23
Approx. wt. 700 Kgs
Dimensions(LxBxH)(mm) 1350x970x1450


Rectifier unit suitable for welding cum gouging operation


The rectifier gives high performance at high current & duty cycle.

The absence of any moving part keeps the unit highly durable & ensures long life.

Simple, precise control

The rectifier incorporates air cooled silicon diodes giving stepless current adjustment. Optional Remote control facility can be accommodated.

Fully protected circuitry

The set is thermostatically protected against overheating. The diodes are protected against voltage surge. M/C is electronically overload protected.

Optional Protections:

Single phasing, Under voltage / Over voltage, Energy saving Device.

In view of continuous development, Sur Iron reserves the right to modify/after the design and/or specification without any prior notice.